The KSK Football Fan’s Manifesto Tip Contest

06.11.09 8 years ago 78 Comments

That there is the front and back cover of my upcoming book, “The Football Fan’s Manifesto”, a clarion call to return fandom to its debauched roots that doubles as an all-encompassing guide to being a sufficiently deranged NFL fan. Drew said HarperCollins gave me the Clive Cussler treatment, but I’d argue that they went as far as to break out the Transformers font for me. Either way, I think it looks pretty badass.

As we did with Men With Balls, we’re holding a tip contest for our readers to win copies of the book. Winning entries can be scoops, funny Photoshops, hilarious user created videos, amusing anecdotes of your experience rooting for your team or going to the game, really anything we arbitrarily deem to be worthwhile. Two runners-up will receive a free copy of the book. The winner, of course, will also win a free copy. Plus a special grand prize.

Because everyone knows I’m an obnoxious rank homer (I even got another Steelers fan to do the illustrations for the book) I’m going to give you the chance to exact some revenge.

That’s right. The winner of the contest gets to choose any one piece of Steelers merch that I own for me to burn to cinders, which I will record myself doing and post on the site. It could be a Terrible Towel. It could be the Hines Ward jersey from the photo that got me fired from The Post (and the one I’ve worn during the last two Steelers Super Bowl wins). Entirely your call. Should a Steelers fan win (I hope, I hope, I hope), we’ll work something else out. But all the members of KSK will be judging the contest, which will prevent me from rigging it (remember, Ufford and Punter hate the Stillers, so that more than cancels me out).

So get on it and send your entries here.

And, again, you can pre-order the book here.

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