The KSK Running Back Tandem Nickname Generator

12.11.08 9 years ago 80 Comments

The Great White LenWhale decided to get in on the fun with T.O. and Antonio Bryant in the spree of complaining about what some guy said on TV. The Tennessee fatback took issue with NFL punditocracy terming DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart “Smash and Dash” after their merciless reaming of the Buccaneers’ defense on Monday night. Hey, that’s his quasi-catchy appellation that fits on an early ’90s-style big head caricature shirt. To avoid further confusion, we’ve decided to get to nicknaming the other various running back tandems throughout the league. Of course, the Giants backfield already holds claim to Earth, Wind and Fire, and far be it from us to deny them going the Berman route with an R&B group from the ’70s. As for the rest, here y’go. You’re on your on as far as tracking down a street vendor that carries the shirts.

Tomlinson and Sproles — “Hurt & Squirt”
McClane and Rice — “5.95 at the Chef Chen’s”
Portis and Betts — “Bitch and Bench”
Jamaal Charles & Larry Johnson – “Grit ‘n’ Spit”
Julius Jones and Maurice Morris — “Mohawk and Cravecock”
James & Hightower — “Edge ‘n’ Sledge”
Westbrook and Buckhalter – “Questionable & Doubtful”
Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris — “Dink & Dunk”
Matt Forte and Kevin Jones — “Forte & Shit-tay”
Parker and Moore — “Willwelde”
Thomas Jones and Leon Washington “WHO DO I START IN FANTASY?”
Adrian and Chester — “Jesus & Vulture”
Taylor and Jones-Drew — “M.J.D. & O.L.D.”
Earnest Graham and Caddilac — “MCL & ACL”
______ & _______ — “Whoever Shanny Claims off the Waiver Wire”
Jerome Harrison & Jamal Lewis — “Wheelin’ & Dealin'”
Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams — “Brown & Green”
Marion & Felix — “Sounds like two gay geriatrics”

And, hey, why stop with running backs!

Ray Lewis and Bart Scott — “Stab and Stabbier”
Fitzy and Boldin — “Crackers & Bolts”
Westbrook and McNabb — “Juke & Puke”

Feel free to add more and the comments.

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