The Lawyer Suing The Oatmeal Is Shocked At The Incivility on The Internet

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06.13.12 2 Comments

Charles Carreon, who used to be “the guy who sued to get back from a porn troll” and is now “the guy suing the Oatmeal for being honest about another website,” is shocked, shocked at the ruffians sending him mean messages on the Internet.

“I really did not expect that he would marshal an army of people who would besiege my website and send me a string of obscene emails,” he says.

As we pointed out previously, a year ago, when this issue first came up, FunnyJunk attempted to pursue exactly the same tactic, only to find that it doesn’t work when the guy you’re targeting can do the same thing.

Now, Carreon is complaining that he doesn’t like his mother being called a sexual deviant, and is, believe it or not, trying to shut down the fundraiser, which is currently at $140,000. After all, the real victim here is not the guy who got a nasty letter demanding he fork over $20,000 on what even a layman can identify as a claim of questionable legality, at best — the real victim here is Charles Carreon, because people are being mean to him.

So now he wants to be “the guy who took $70,000 in donations away from cuddly animals and another $70,000 from cancer kids,” because that will improve his reputation!

(Image via dullhunk on Flickr)

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