The Life And Times Of Jonathan Gottsdale

11.21.08 9 years ago 39 Comments

Trust and believe, for as well as I now know Gotty™ — for as often as we discuss the order of the day or work on A, B and C together — I have no idea what he looks like. None-ski. I respect the man’s privacy, but have been left to my own devices to make some shit up in my mind.

(See: the above)

This video is how I envision Gotty’s afternoon… getting home from work, entering the humble abode and launching into this step for step, beat for beat, with perhaps a bit of robot and worm thrown in at the end for good measure. If you’ve heard Gotty’s voice in one of his Smoking Sessions, you know he sounds like he could crush small villages in his fist. If you’ve read Gotty’s writing, you know he’d probably do the Carlton in celebration afterward.

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Termanology – The_Music_Industry_Remix_(Ft._Royce_Da_59_Consequence_Akrobatik_Crooked_I)-Digi_12





Positive K – The Skills Dat Pay The Bills (1992)

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