Someone Get The Lox A Talk Show This Very F***ing Minute

01.31.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

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I’ve never really listened to the Lox talk for an extended amount of time besides the infamous radio incident with one Diddy Combs. I also have a fondness for D-Block because them versus State Property is the greatest rap battle in rap feud history.

Now, a decade later, I’ve decided that the Lox need a reality show or a talk show that goes for 23 hours straight. Because this Breakfast Club interview is all quotables.

Charlamagne: I heard y’all stripped J Hood down and beat him up
Styles P: Naw, I’m surprised we didn’t

They also go into how Styles twisted his ankle throwing a chair at Diddy, make fun of Styles for getting on a song with Tahiry and break down the Grammys.

Jesus. This is all comedy.

Please, TV companies. Get them on. As long as it’s not a Love & Hip-Hop show because seriously suck.

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