Paul Scheer Is Completely Disgusted By This Cat’s Butt

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It’s been a slow day for anything that’s not OMG-Joel-McHale-played-for-the-Huskies-while-looking-husky news. And in times like these I like to take a step back and enjoy the lulzy things. For example, the above image of our friend Paul Scheer that has randomly been making its rounds since this morning. I mean, what’s not to love? Paul Scheer: Man of the internet? Check. Incredible and inexplicable timing? Check. Disgusting cat butt? Check. It’s a simple yet magical concoction.

Reminds me of the time my buddy who looks kind of like Sean Astin in Rudy was sitting next to a television playing Rudy and it was a top ten happiest moment of my life. You really shoulda been there.

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