The New England P-Words (Taking a Stand)

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Over the past couple days, edgy strongtake sports websites like Slate, Mother Jones and other websites that most popular people have never even heard of announced they aren’t going to call the Redskins the Redskins anymore. Well I bet all your Indian friends think your so cool guys . Well guess what, if you think I’m going to sit around and have my right to call Indians whatever I want infringed upon, you’re about to get a crash-course (unless thats offensive to female drivers now) lesson in freedom of speech. This is the letter I sent to Mother Jones and Slate:

Dear Folks,

It has come to my attention that White people cant even say the word Redskin, or even the N-word anymore without having every Indian or Afro-American in the elevator tell me I’m causing a scene when I’m just trying to talk football. And now some do-gooder magazines have vowed to stop using the word “Redskins” when referring to the Washington DC (more like PC) football team. I thought I had settled (no offense to Indians) this issue months ago when I brought up the argument-ender of “would it be racist if they were the Whiteskins?” but here we are I guess. Oh and by the way, if you want to buy a ticket in the REDSKINS parking lot you cant call them a “scalper” you have to call them a “secondary market hairskin removal technician” I guess so we dont offend anyone. *eyeroll*

Well in retaliation I’m calling on all the same publications to show the same “tolerence” and “understanding” and no longer refer to the New England Patriots as the Patriots. Its insulting to me every time someone calls a football team the P-Word so I’m making a stand. Go ahead try to prove me wrong, thats what I thought. The fact that they’ve gotten away with that White male logo and mascot is just as offensive and racist if not moreso than the Redskins, specially when you think about all the White people that were killed by Indians when we first discovered there land.

People forget that the Redskins were named to honor there first Coach who wasnt even a Redskin to begin with! Then when they found out he’s not a Indian, the owner made him wear a headdress on the sidelines to humiliate him and also to show honor to Indians at the same time. What part of this doesnt add up? Sometimes I feel like I’m the crazy one and everyone else is perfectly sane who knows anymore? Even if the old coach wasn’t even really a Redskin, their new coach certainly is. Just say its named after Shanahan, in todays 24 hour socialmedia news cycle everyone will forget we even argued over this once Titus Young lights a cat on fire or something.  It’s not like Slate will ever care about the Irish being offended by their burst capilaries unless they’re doing a thinkpiece on the cops from Road Rash.

No offense but why are we so worried about offending a culture that has over a million words for “snow” but they only have a dance for “rain” not to be insensitive. I guess I’m just kind of a throwback guy when we didnt have to be looking over our shoulders all the time whenever we told a dirty joke or cheered for the opponent to get injured. Please respond to this mail at your earliest possible convenience unless I already dismantled every one of your counterarguments (you probably won’t respond).

“You’ve got to stand for something or youll fall for anything.”

-Thomas Jefferson

-PFT Commenter

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