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03.20.13 5 years ago 36 Comments

Rule books be a-changin’. The Tuck Rule is gone, and no one is more thrilled about it than the Raiders. Now watch them lose a game next season on a quarterback fumble that would have been called back by the Tuck Rule. WON’T BE THRILLED THEN, WILL YA?

The controversial new rule banning ball carriers from initiating contact by leading with their helmets also passed by a wide margin, with the Bengals being the only team to vote against the measure. You would assume Mike Brown would be in favor of anything that is guarding against lawsuits, and therefore making it less likely Mike Brown would have to cough up money, but here we are. Running backs are not pleased, Matt Forte in particular.

More banks need to advertise their Lowering the Boom funds. We all know this is more about the NFL’s window dressing on safety than actually making the game safe or free from concussions, which would require changes far more radical than this. Not that the helmet rule won’t have a dramatic effect next year. Per the usual, Chris Kluwe sums it up the situation nicely:

— The Pro Bowl could be on the move again, not that anyone outside Hawaii really cares, but a captain’s draft could be instituted, which isn’t actually a horrible idea.

— The Bears and crazy ol’ Marc Trestman are planning on running the read-option with Jay Cutler some next season. BRB, putting money down on Cutty getting injured within the first five times doing this.

— Von Miller is in Afghanistan on the USO tour meeting with the troops and firing off assault rifles in front of Afghan soldiers. I bet Afghanistan doesn’t even still use fax machines. Von also messed up tweeting an e-mail he got from Lil’ Wayne’s mailing list, and inadvertently gave out his own personal e-mail: So have fun e-mailing Von Miller about his love of raising chickens and other blipster hobbies.

— The city Santa Clara gave the NFL a slew of tax breaks in the hopes of currying favor with the league for future Super Bowl host consideration. Because a big part of any site hosting a Super Bowl is making yourself broke to do it.

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