The Next 48 Hours With Mobb Deep’s Prodigy

07.12.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

All the BS aside, Prodigy is one of my favorites and Mobb Deep is, in my ears, the greatest duo to grace the Hip-Hop stage. There’s no denying that P lost a couple steps over the years, but his paradoxical personality remains intriguing because I’ve never been able to understand how his thought process works. (There were also a lot of times when I was convinced that it actually didn’t work.)

So when he got out of the clink and released his autobiography, My Infamous Life, I grabbed it and read, hoping to gain a better understanding of the QB native. But after putting the book down, I walked away feeling something that I’ve gotten very used to feeling after dealing with anything Prodigy – disappointment. The whole thing just seemed like he was looking for places to throw the blame for all of his life’s missteps, specifically with sickle-cell anemia bearing most of the responsibility. According to P, it was the cause of most of his insecurities and subsequent actions where he attempted to overcompensate for them. He also made his partner-in-crime, Havoc, look like a sociopathic psycho, but that’s for another day.

Anyway, like I said, I’m a sucker for anything P. Dolo, so here’s the first of AllHipHop and Jumpoff TV’s docu-series as they follow P during the release of his book. In part 1, the maniac man travels from Power 105’s Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy and then with Fuse host Touré, giving a glimpse at what it takes for a rapper to release a book.


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