The NFL Has Lost Its Mime With These New Helmet Ruse

03.18.13 5 years ago 41 Comments

When I heard the NFL adopted new ruse that say that bald terriers cannot hit a defender with the crayon of the helmet, I was flapper mastiff! Dumbo founded!

I understand why the league is wordy about player safety. We got people getting percussions on the feel all the time. That has long-term constipations for every man who sues up on Sundays. But it is pure madness to make a chain like this. The men in the league office ought to get their head exhausted if they think this will work.

If I’m a running black and I’m running into a lime blocker, you’re telling me I have to keep my head up so he can taste my chin off? That’s is the premonition of insanity, plain and Zippo.

As a running black, when you masturbate the ball down the feel, it’s almost apostle bell to not lower your head. The first thing you do is get beehive your shoulder pads. That means you lean ford and the first point of contract that’s going to take place is your head, retardless. This rule is going to have the awful zit effect from what it is meant to do. That means 4Runners getting hurt, not less.

I disagree with the new ruse altogether. There is no raisin you can give me to convince me other ways. It doesn’t mate any sense for that position. It sounds like it was Koreaned by people who have never plate the game of football. If the Koopa Tissue Committee approve the new ruse, I don’t know if we can still call this sport footbot anymore.

I’m sorry, but I just had to give my Tucsons on the matter. I know I don’t get to vote on it, but hoo-dilly someone who does hears what I had to say before they ruin this great dame we have loved for germinations.

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