The NFL Network Is Bad And Should Feel Bad

09.12.12 5 years ago 81 Comments

I’m actually watching the NFL Network’s A Football Life special on Tim Tebow, so you could reasonably argue that I had it coming. But, you know, there could be an unintentional hilarious moment I could mock with a video or GIF for your enjoyment. You didn’t know that I suffer like that for you readers? Except so far the only moment that I could weakly laugh at was when Kurt Warner asked Tebow for his favorite Bible verse within the first minute of the show.

Anyway, the NFL Network just aired a commercial for another special called “Top Ten Things We Love About Tim Tebow”. I mean, yeah, ESPN has been right there with its naked ratings lust for the virginal Runslinger, but, hell, I don’t why I expected better of NFL Network, but apparently I shouldn’t have. Anyway, here are some other possible NFL Network specials I’d rather watch before what’s coming up Saturday evening.

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