The Primer: 10 Naughty By Nature Songs Everyone Should Know

01.08.13 5 years ago 37 Comments

Today, Naughty By Nature would be a label CEO’s dream come true. In an era during the early ’90s when pop rap was taking over and talent was clearly divided between gangster rap realities and jazzy Hip-Hop poetics, this New Jersey trio carved out their niche by cannibalizing all three sub-styles and amping up the genre altogether. With their perfect blend of playful party anthems and aggressive boom-bap, Treach, Vinnie and DJ Kay Gee providing something for everyone, nurturing a sweeping sound that made them rightfully relevant for over a decade.

Couple that with the fact their rugged sense of style helped fuel the Timbs & Carhartt movement which predominated the golden era of grimy East Coast Hip-Hop and you’ll see why this Illtown trio could be considered amongst the most influential rap groups ever, despite never getting much critical acclaim in hindsight.

As an extra, we’ve whipped up a nifty Spotify playlist to accompany the post. If you’re a user, click here and get busy.

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