The Raiders QB Situation Is The Latest Hilarious Mess

09.05.13 4 years ago 25 Comments


While the Jets are all set to be a disaster at quarterback for the entire season, they are going to need company to keep the rest of the league entertained. The Bills teased football fans for a week with the prospect of undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel starting on Sunday against the Patriots, but have since said that first-round pick E.J. Manuel will start instead.

Lucky for us, there are the Raiders. For the second postseason in a row, Matt Flynn arrived at a new team with the expectation of being the starting quarterback only to lose the job before the end of the preseason. Last year, it was to Russell Wilson and that was kind of understandable. This year it was to Terrelle Pryor, which is a mistake of sad and hilarious.

That’s bad enough but it wouldn’t be the Raiders if there wasn’t some organizational turmoil surrounding the move.

During a Wednesday appearance on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access,”’s Michael Silver said there’s “a lot of skepticism” about Pryor being the starting quarterback in Oakland. According to Silver, Pryor has an ally in Raiders owner Mark Davis, who would like to see what the third-year pro can do.

Pryor was Al Davis’ final draft pick before the late owner’s passing in October 2011.

Welp, that would certainly gibe with the impression that Mark Davis is overly protective of Al’s legacy. That fired Raiders PR guy knows what I mean.

Oh, but it gets better.

According to Silver, there are voices in the organization who believe [undrafted rookie Matt] McGloin gives the Raiders the best chance to win.

Oh yes oh yes oh yes. We might not get Jeff Tuel (yet) but this is the next best thing.

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