The Scabs Have Reached Their Logical Conclusion

09.25.12 5 years ago 148 Comments

It was only a matter of time until the scabs blew a call at the end of game to swing a final. Based on nothing but the sheer volume of plays that the scabs mess up, it would defy probability for the end of the game not to be reversed by an obviously blown call by the scabs. Everyone thought last night was Scabopalypse. Lack of BULL-SHIT chants notwithstanding, tonight was Scabocalpyse.

There were so many blown calls in this game. It would take hours to compile them. Not sure you even want to be subjected to the misery that labor would take. Hand it to the scabs. They saved their absolute worst call, one that flies in the face of a host of easily recognized errors, for the very end. Peter King has toadied well in recent weeks, saying, well, at least all the teams getting the benefit of glaring ref f*ck-ups didn’t go on win because that would shame the league.

The league had already been shamed. Now the league insults the viewer.

Credit to Tirico. He just mentioned that the Packers were jobbed when the team returned to the field for that awkward extra point after that horrible sequence.

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