‘The Stupidest Thing In Football History’

11.14.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

What is the Jets? AWWW ANSWER IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION BURN. I’LL TAKE TEAMS WITH A STUPID DRUNK AS THEIR GREATEST LEGEND FOR $1,600. Anyway, looks as though letting Nacho wing it around was still in the Jets’ bag of tricks. It might be in their best interests to curtail that practice. I mean, don’t let me tell you how to run your football team. Just a little input is all.

At least Nacho’s terrible timeout at the end of the first half didn’t come back to haunt them. Because the enormity of that particular mistake was obscured by a second half of mostly terrible football. But at least Revis shut down Welkah. Maybe next time they’ll find some way to keep Gronkowski from spiking the ball in their face a half dozen times.

Upside: a loss to the Patriots will get the Jets good and irate before a game against Tebow on Thursday. HACK THE BONE, REX, HACK THE BONE!

By the way, how was Shaq’s girlfriend looming in a chair over his head? Isn’t she about a yard shorter than him? I suppose with Yelp being as powerful as it is, the six phone books that she’s sitting on would be otherwise unused anyway.

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