The Superpowered Geometric Figures Of Jam-Wah

Entertainment Editor

Jam-Wah (AKA Count Spatula) made a series of geometric portraits of comic book characters, a full gallery of which starts on the next page. They are angular, vividly-colored awesome. And, not for nothing, “Count Spatula” is an awesome nickname. One, TWO scrambled eggs, AH AH AH.
If you’re having trouble guessing which characters some of these are, the answers can be found at Jam-Wah’s Deviant Art page. If you’re having trouble with your geometry homework and found this page doing a Google search about geometric figures, just draw lots of cats on your worksheet. That’s what I did, and now I’m a fancy blogger wearing sweatpants with only a few holes in the crotch. Dreams do come true.
[Hat tip and a paint by number portrait of a horse to GeekTyrant.]

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