The Twerking Surfer Anastasia Ashley Is The Best Thing To Happen To The Internet Since Michelle Jenneke

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08.07.13 11 Comments

Anastasia Ashley

Never forget…Michelle Jenneke, who slightly over a year ago, crashed the Internet with her so good, so fascinating, so EVERYTHING pre-race dancing skills. It was the first and last time anyone cared about hurdling, a sport which hasn’t been heard from since, and now, Anastasia Ashley is hoping to do the same with surfing.

Ashley has perfected the art of the twerk surf, a totally real subgenre of sports I just invented that involves twerking while preparing to surf. It’s complicated, I know, so let the master show you how it’s done.

OK, maybe Ashley’s twerking could use a little work, but in twerk surf, it’s spunk over skill. (Leave that alone.)

(Via BroBible)

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