The Two Dopest Photos From The K.R.I.T. Show Last Night

06.19.11 6 years ago 16 Comments

Since I was “working,” I didn’t get to shoot as many photos as I would have liked but I did snag a handful. Just scanning through all of the shots, these two had to be shared off top because of the moments they captured. Above, a shot of the crowd. Shouts out to every single person who put in work – from the security to all the attendees who showed up and kept the energy on epic all night. We’ll be back with footage and more pics to show how it all went down.

At maybe 2am when we were walking out, everybody else was gone but this guy was sitting outside on the venue steps with a few friends. As soon as, I passed through the door I saw the “Mendoza 83” on his back and had to smile. I suck at names but can recall faces pretty well and I distinctly remember giving him this shirt at the YelaWolf show in January.

All in all, seeing him, the shirt and K.R.I.T. all together made me smile because I realized then how far we and the city as a whole have come since January. And it’s only going to get greater later.

Now pardon me while I go spend the rest of my day with my OG.


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