The Walking Dead Board Game Wants You To Eat Your Friends

05.25.11 6 years ago

While everyone patiently awaits the remaining months until AMC’s Fall return of The Walking Dead series, the fine folks over at Cryptozoic Entertainment would like to try and make your wait a little more tolerable. Set to release in September, I present readers with: The Walking Dead Board Game, quite possibly the safest way to go about eating your best friend’s brains.

The Walking Dead Board Game focuses on the narrative from the televised version of the story (a slightly different experience from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel), pitting up to 4 players against each other in a tabletop battle for survival. Players must work together to move their way through Atlanta, all the while avoiding zombie infested attacks that sway the gaming experience by turning players into Walkers, in the event that they are bitten. Even if you find your player injured and turning into an undead, the journey is not over as now you must work with fellow zombie players to take down the remaining “human” survivors. It’s a necessary lesson, if not a poignant one: during the apocalypse, trust will only slow you down. The board game is recommended for 13+ and takes an estimated 30-45 minutes to play. Appears like an awfully tight timetable to make your pals absolutely resent your friendship.

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[via ComicsAlliance]

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