The Way We Were…

09.10.07 10 years ago 8 Comments

Cam'ron Jim Jones The Diplomats

“Finding Cam’s like finding Nemo,” he laughed. “When you see him, tell him I’m looking for him. Smell me?” – Jim Jones speaking to MTV regarding Cam’ron.

Infer whatever you want @ this point I guess.

I was just thinking last week how all the media hype swirling around Fif initially involved the “beef” between him and Cam…and then Cam disappeared like the youngest daughter on Family Matters, never to be seen again.

The Idolator has taken the liberty of rounding up all the reviews/rants on Britney’s performance in putting them in one place. Saved me some time and effort. I do admit to viewing video of the performance…and I’m glad I kept watching the football game instead of watching the VMAs.

Nappy weave, slight muffin tops and inability to stand up, at least from the looks of the early few secs of that vid, I think I’d still poke Brit just because, word to Polow The Don. Leave my hat too like Mr. Marcus. Don’t worry, I’d wear my other hat as well.

The Real is back @ it with their “The Battle of Billboardsburg”, this one chronicling “the trials and tribulations of 50 Cent’s shortened career [because he’s retiring, right?].”

BGDBoom has up “Hip Hop Vs. (‘Conservative’ White) America,” which takes a look @ BET’s proposed town hall meeting. Aiyo, Enig, if you set up that panel, holler @ me so I can call off work that day.

Nas is dropping an album in the fourth quarter? Yes.

I know this video is not “new” but…why is Zab shootin’ dice on the streets of South Beach? If you can spot him out of all the white tees, you’ll ascertain that Zab felt as if things weren’t going his way, quite possibly being hoodwinked by the locals even.

I know Zab’s a dumbass & another example of an athlete making an unwise career move via his personal life here. But, scam a boxer in a dice game? A professional fighter?

Zab will knock that ass out…unless your name is Pretty Boy Floyd.


Hezekiah Ft. Freeway – That Fillin’

Memphis Bleek – Get Ya Money Up (Prod . By Cool N Dre)

Curren$y – Airplane

Chris Brown Ft. T-Pain – Greatness (Snippet)

Immortal Technique – Parole

Rashaan Patterson – Hello

Keith Murray – Freestyle

Madonna Ft Pharell – Candy Shop


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