The Week That Was…

01.10.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Still in it’s infancy, 2009 hasn’t lacked for excitement as we knock the cobwebs out our brains while recovering from our holiday stupor.  So take a look back as we recap the past week and either reflect or catch up.

On Sunday we caught the newest Fat Albert short and found out Superman had a thing for sistas.  We paid our final respects to a Jazz legend and visited a graveyard of another sort.  Tales of Biggie Smalls started off Monday as we drew a line in the sand on Notorious.  We prepped for Lil’ Wayne’s appearance on First Take, which turned into discussion on critique vs. hate.  50 Cent must have forgot it was 1st Quarter as he dropped a new songKanye stayed on the design tip, while Lily Allen showed hers.

Tuesday unveiled the results of The Hip-Hop Blog World Cup.  We may not have won this go around, but it doesn’t stop what we do.  Recognition is nice, but it’s train keeps rolling regardless.  Aftermath started looking for a plumber as yet another song leaked and iTunes finally gave in on DRM mp3’s and pricing structure.  It may not mean much around here, but big news nonetheless.  Skillz recapped The Wire in 5 five minutes and we swapped pig stories once again.

NS(carfae)FW was a brief reprieve before we witnessed another senseless murder at the hands of the police.  Riots ensued this time as (at least for one day) actions spoke louder than words.  Blu was highlighted, once again, and Benjamin Bitchassness was called out.  We Met The Browns… and shut the door.  Pacman was released and didn’t have a pot piss in (neither did she).  Aftermath kept leaking tracks to the point even Detox seemed like it could drop this year.

Black Quarterbacks, Candace Parker’s pregnancy, and Barkley rounded out the week.

Barack clutching his Blackberry means history is drawing near…

*I know it wasn’t covered, but North Carolina lost to Boston College this week. Then they turn around and lost to Harvard their next game.  That’s like going home with Alicia Keys and waking up next morning with a burning sensation.  Just not cool.

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