The Week That Was: The 50*/50 Edition

05.09.09 8 years ago 46 Comments

This was a good week over here in TSS land. First we made Vibe’s top 50 Hip-Hop blog list. It only confirms what’s already known by our faithful readers: TSS is major, but now more people are catching on. So to commemorate we’ll be revisiting the top 50 things of the past week. And to prove we can’t do it without y’all we’ve included comments as well. Starting with 50, we’ll work our way up to number one.

50. Manny Being Manny…
49. David D.
48. BK Cyph – “Ode To Panamanian Cricket”
47. The Cool Kids & Don Cannon – Gone Fishing Mixtape
46. Baby Paw
45. Diamond Supply Co. Un-Polo & Diamonds Are Forever
44. Video: Malice’s Video Blog 1
43. Cam’ron – “Cookies-N-Apple Juice/Silky (No Homo)” Video
42. M. King
41. “2nd Round KO” – Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Hatton
40. TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Gorilla Zoe
39. sherm
38. Raekwon & DJ Absolut – Blood On Chef’s Apron Mixtape
37. Bigga Aka Sammy Davis Twitter!! aka Bigga Stinson!!! comment
36. Freeload: Shoes House Episodes 20/21
35. The Kid Daytona & Mick Boogie – The Daytona 500 EP
34. Captain Obvious
33. Video: Stephen Curry & Davidson College – “I Love Commons”
32. Thugnificence: Coming Soon to a Jook Joint near you
31. “My Name Ain’t Chump, It’s Billy Hoyle.”
30. AmpGeez a.k.a. AG Da Gooseman
29. Your Champion League Futbol Report
28. Fred Anker
27. Event Recap: Drake’s “So Far Gone” Tour In Atlanta
26. Black Canseco
25. 500K Flea
24. DJ House Shoes Presents The King James Version
23. KThundo
22. TSS NBA Playoffs Review: The First Round
21. Notable Quotable – Playboy Tre’s “Life Get’s Harder”
20. Greums aka Gangsters’ Tactic
19. Nick Cannon To Eminem: Let’s Meet Up Man To Man
18. Busta Rhymes – I B*llshit You Not Mixtape
17. The Disgruntled Baller
16. Video: The Chopper Suit
15. MTV Fail
14. The Talented Mr. Giles
13. Cougar Bear
12. TSS Is Still Major.
11. “Plus I Got A Whole City To Hold Down…”
10. Eminem – “My Mom” “Bagpipes From Baghdad” & “Insane”
9. David D.
8. Alfamega Is A Snitch?
7. Teef
6. Douglas Howser
5. I Hereby Renounce My American Citizenship…
4. Khal comment
3. NSFW: Cassie’s Naked Pics
2. NSFW: Cassie’s Naked Pictures…Part Two, The Lower Half
1. Rihanna. Period.

Needless to say, this has been the Best. Week. Ever… until the next one.  Stick around y’all, we’re just warming up.

* In no particualar order outside of #1… just like Vibe’s.

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