The Week That Was: The Finish Him Edition

02.20.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

Epic Beard Man reigns supreme. “It’s your world, kid. The rest of us just payin’ rent.” © Stuart Scott. At least for this week, I bet Tiger wishes your shenanigans made the jump from the ‘net to the airwaves. That way he might have caught a little slack for his speech the other day. My only thought watching ‘ol boy was didn’t he go to Stanford?  He was talking like he was going to ESL instead of sex addict classes. That’s neither here nor there though, take a quick look back with us at what transpired last week while we wait for someone to take Epic Beard Mans spot.

— Remember when we thought Wayne made up his teeth troubles to postpone his trip to the pokey? I bet wishes he made it up now.

Waka Flocka unveiled his plans to capitalize off his shooting buzz. Pretty original I must say.

Statik got a 3.5, depsite his hangover.

Wale <3’s Black Women. *MJ shrug.*

Show money beats slow money, which definitely beats no money.

Yela happily sat down for a Session.

Dunk Contest Fail!

— Still time to enter: 25th Anniversary Priority Records Prize Package.

— Buy yourself some stickers. Thank us later.

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