Rewind: The Whispers’ “Keep On Lovin’ Me” Video

04.01.10 7 years ago 26 Comments

I recently told my TSS cousin on our mom’s side, Buff, that if I ever shot a music video for anything it would be a shot-by-shot, frame-by-frame, curl-for-curl recreation of Roger’s “I Want To Be Your Man.” He immediately responded with the above video.

Whether it’s the knee bobs, the mismatched attire, the seemingly aimless choice in location, or the complete harmony in total disorganization, this video might be the most well-performed haphazardness ever captured on film. It’s just so genuine. There’s an honesty in that the twins clearly planned their wardrobes together (Off-white coat, check… Tan tie, check… Brown pants, check) and showed up on set with something almost alike. And as for my man in the red coat… he’s on a whole other level from the second he puts down that paper and pushes away from the wall.

As Buff explained to me, “Do they all want the same girl? Do they ever catch her? And which twin ACTUALLY sung the verses? Who knows… well, apparently it was Scotty.”

Lest ye be distracted by the amazing video, the song is actually fresh. Jazzy as all get out. Give it a few spins to set your day right, then rock your finest red coat, pop the collar, and two-step to your next destination.

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