The World According To Julie J: Trappin’ Ain’t Dead

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oj da juiceman alaska in atlanta 2 mixtape

I’m back for another week. Truthfully, I have to hand it to everyone for knowing that I’m a cat lady. I don’t actively advertise that on here, at least not as much as I do on Twitter or Instagram, so I am thoroughly impressed. TSS, tip of the hat to you all!

Is OJ Da Juiceman the first psychic trapper rapper? The weather has been unnaturally cold in the South, in addition to the rest of the country, this year. In fact, I’ve been cackling at the “wack as f*ck” weather, to quote The Boy, everywhere across the country but here. Suddenly, that rain isn’t feeling too bad. But then, because karma, it had to go and snow, and thus foil my birthday plans last week.

Anyhow, whether he’s prophetic or not, OJ is back with Alaska in Atlanta 2. You and I both know what to expect and no, they did didn’t correct that “Mathmatics” typo.

DownloadOJ Da Juiceman – Alaska in Atlanta 2 Mixtape

young thug all i want

Young Thug – “All I Want”

I’ve been listening to Lobby Runners the last couple days. I wanted to take this space to say that all the designers at New York Fashion Week missed out by not having Young Thug walk the runway in their fashions. I dare you to find me someone that rocked the pink leopard peplum dress harder than Thugger Thugger!

fredo santana it's only right

Fredo Santana – “It’s Only Right”

Ever since I glimpsed Fredo wearing that creepy hat and kidnapping Drake’s girl in “Hold On We’re Coming Home,” I was scared and a little intrigued.

“It’s Only Right” isn’t as terrifying or as diabolical sounding as I have come to expect from Fredo, but it’s cool that he’s trying out another style. He is still easier to decipher than Chief Keef, on his best days.

In case you missed it, his version of “OG Bobby Johnson” was floating around the Internet this week, too.

og bobby johnson remix que ti young jeezy

Que Ft. T.I. & Young Jeezy – “OG Bobby Johnson” (ATL Remix)

Fun Fact: Every single morning I wake up, the first thing I think is “I hope there are some more ‘OG Bobby Johnson’ and ‘Danny Glover’ remixes floating aroung the internet today!” And then I get out of bed and go to work if it’s a weekday. Truthfully, the case isn’t clsoed until Papoose does what he does.

Anyhow, the ATL remix of Que’s oft remixed and copied song features T.I. and Young Jeezy. Between Que and Jeezy, that’s a lot of scratchy, weird voices. The fact remains, though, that it’s still “OG Bobby Johnson” and it still wrecks any semi respectable sound system.

And no, I didn’t try following that QR code in the artwork. It’s 2014, after all.

Gangsta Boo & La Chat Ft. Lil Wyte – “On That” Video

Da Mafia 6ix is still getting plenty of burn around these parts, and naturally it warms my heart to hear that Gangsta Boo and La Chat are doing a project together. “Oh That” features Lil Wyte, who is like a throwback to middle school (don’t ask), and it is reminiscient of that horrorcore rap that I’ve been fiending for lately.

Drumma Boy is responsible for that beat, and let me add two things about one of Memphis’ finest. One, he’s got his yearly All Star Mixtape that’s downloadable via LiveMixtapes, and two, I’m one of the few people who doesn’t agree with Beware. The guy is exempt from needing a new rap name because he gave us “No Hands.” That deserves a lifetime pass.

zilla young dolph yeen said nothin

Zilla Ft. Young Dolph – “Yeen Said Nothin”

Gotty said to remind him about this song if no one grabbed it, so naturally, I knew that it belonged here as soon as I heard the first few seconds with the bass. But maybe he already knew that…

Anyhow, Alabama’s Zilla and Memphis’ Young Dolph come together for “Yeen Said Nothin,” to talk about what the title suggests. It isn’t rocket science, or reinventing the wheel, but it’s like they’ve come to terms with how massive Bobby Johnson’s beat is, and aren’t trying to overcompensate or overtake it.

Chiraq: Episode 4 – “Lil Durk Terrifies The City”

Noisey’s been doing a video profile in Chiraq, and in this installment they’re hanging with Lil Durk.

People have asked my why I like Durk so much, and it’s because there’s an emotional quality to his music. The Auto-Tune doesn’t turn him into a robot. But, the best part of this interview isn’t how the city comes out for him, or how he is someone that all the kids look up to, even though both of those are certainly admirable.

Instead, it’s that he’s just a kid. Even though the topics in his music, and the drill scene in general, seem like they should be beyond his years, this served as a reminder that he’s just a young kid trying to make it out, and as a music fan, it made me love Durk in a non-groupie even more.

On one last note, this was also the week that I turned 27 and Nicki Minaj dropped one of the most relevant songs to my life with “Lookin A** N****.” Two separate conversations with two of my home girls quickly dissolved into giggles (or all caps HAHAHAHA’s because it was over ghcat) as we talked about all the dudes in our little scene that are shouted out in the song. Then we talked about how sad it is that this song is so relevant to our lives. It’s a shame that she had to go and ruin it with that horrible artwork.

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