The xx – “VCR”

07.07.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

It’s understandable to associate the numerals XX with a certain interesting, older gentleman and his dark Mexican beer; however, with the release of their self-titled debut album, England’s The xx wants us to reconsider that association. As confessed fans of Aaliyah and The Cure, The xx fuses its own form of alternative R&B with chilly British ambiance, creating make-out music for the cool kids.

On the band’s single “VCR,” guitarist Romy Croft coolly sings, “watch things on VCRs with me/and talk about big love/I think we’re superstars/you say you think we are the best thing” in a husky whisper that would make even Norah Jones envious. Alternating verses and sharing singing duties with bassist Oliver Sim, “VCR” plays like an simply stated, enamored conversation between two teenage lovers.

As the song concludes, Croft and Sim unite, singing deftly, “But you, you just know/you just do.” It’s a simplicity — no elaborate language or effects necessary. Words that ring true for good relationships and The xx’s sound.

The xx – “VCR”

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