There’s a $50 Online Course On How To Watch A Football Game

01.23.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

“Which one of these does the BOOOOO noise?”

If you’re a visitor to this sports-themed dick joke emporium, there’s a better than fair chance that you know a thing or two about football. But even though almost half the country cites either pro or college football as their favorite sport, there are still some folks out there who don’t quite get how this whole gridiron thing works.

That’s right. Are you feeling left out when your coworkers laugh about a buttfumble? Have no idea why people want to kill David Akers? Luckily, there are helpful folks out there willing to take your money in order to instruct you what people are talking about when they talk football.

Yes, because there are dumb online courses about everything, there’s a dumb online course about how to watch football.

Welcome to Water Cooler Football – where football and networking meet to have fun!

You’re at a party with a football game on, people cheer and you have no idea what happened – do you feel left out?

— At a meeting someone says, “let’s do an end run” – do you feel lost?
— When you hear “football” do you think people mean soccer?
— If you don’t know how to watch a football, you maybe left out. This can have a negative impact on your career and perhaps social life.

Join former Boston College Athletic Director, Gene DeFillippo, and published author and networking expert Diane Darling as they talk about football and how to watch it.

I’m mostly just upset that I didn’t think of this first. Imagine the riches I could reap by explaining to people how funny it is to watch Tom Brady lose in the playoffs. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

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