There’s History in the Tanking in Your 1 p.m. Games

12.28.08 9 years ago 164 Comments

  • As much as I want us to bear witness to history-making ineptitude, I have several friends who are Lions fans, and they’re all in complete denial that this is going to happen. “No, they’re winning Sunday,” they’ve issued in terse statements before quickly changing the subject. It’s sad enough to elicit pity from my cold, unfeeling heart. Obviously, should the loss happen, Detroit has to embrace it wholesale and hang a perfect 0-16 regular season banner a la the Patriots and their 16-0 chokery celebration. Or riot and burn what remains of the city down. Either way.
  • The fate of the other half of the NFC North, the half that will produce a Wild Card game loser, will be settled as the Vikes host a Giants team playing for nothing (and with nothing as Mittens gets some PT) and the Bears, who lost Mike Brown for the season much later than expected, head to a Houston to face a team looking to shore up its record with enough garbage wins to dupe prognosticators enough to dub them a sleeper team for next year.
  • Hey, loogit this license plate I saw the other day.

    It’s like it’s Beyonce’s car! I bet it was!

  • The Bills have a chance to fuck the Broncos and Patriots’ playoff hopes in consecutive weeks, which is about as much as you can hope for when your team is destined to be at home next week. C’mon Bills, don’t deprive us of the chance to pull for Miami and (guh) Baltimore to win to keep a 11-5 New England team out of the playoffs.
  • Rested starters to screw fantasy leagues dumb enough to hold championships in Week 17: Tennessee visits Indy and Carolina ventures to the The Big East. The Steelers, a team hated by KSK commenters and Lil Wayne alike, attempt to extend their winning streak to 11 games over the once-rival Browns. Standing in their way is Pittsburgh native Bruce Gradkowski, proof positive that those Western Pennsylvania QB products don’t always turn out to be Montana/Marino/Unitas.
  • Al Davis minus sentience or Jon Gruden sans a caring Monte Kiffin? WHO YA GOT?
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