These Links Go Up To Eleven

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BANNER PICTURE: The IMDb’s rating system for This Is Spinal Tap goes up to 11. [via Buzzfeed]

Today In Blowing Stuff Up More Efficiently [UproxxNews]

Christian Bale Hates Rom-Coms, Loves Chris Farley, is My Secret Best Friend [Filmdrunk]

Watch Matt from Warming Glow embarrass himself for charity. He raised the

TV Guide Doesn’t Like Brown People [WarmingGlow]

Wrestler’s Wedding Uses WWE Themes [WithLeather]

Wesley Snipes Reports To Prison Next Week [TSS]

Attention: Jewbaccas.  That is all.  [Buzzfeed]

The Beauty Of The Stage Dive [EgoTV]

30 Biggest Meltdowns in Movies [UGO]

What’s the Best Chanukah Song? [Gunaxin]

Keri Hilson doesn’t want to “make love” tonight [TheUrbanDaily]

The Top 10 NBA Plays of the Week (Video) [TheHoopDoctors]

The Ten Most Insubstantial, Meaningless Actors in Hollywood [Pajiba]

VIDEO BELOW: Kitten hugs his teddy bear. Exactly as advertised. [via Arbroath]

[Inset pic via TheFrogman]

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