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04.21.11 7 years ago

Boyfriend Watches Girlfriend Get Murdered On Webcam [Uproxx]

Are You Investing In Enough Gold? [UproxxNews]

Apple recording every move iPhone users make [Uproxx]

Strangely-Buff Dave Chappelle Performs For Sell Out Crowd In San Francisco [Filmdrunk]

Ninja Turtles Against Weed [WarmingGlow]

MMA Tattoo Trivia Challenge: Answers and Winners [WithLeather]

Michael Jordan’s 63 Turns 25 [TSS]

Scene Breakdown: Airborne (The Most 90s Movie Ever Made) [Filmdrunk]

The 7 Greatest Sci-Fi Time Machines [Buzzfeed]

Charlie Sheen’s a Birther Now [TheSuperficial]

10 “greatest” (fictional) swords of all time [Fark]

Walton’s Tweets a Playoff Treat [TheHoopDoctors]

Rolling (Funny) Papers: The Best Stoner Comics [UGO]

Mortal Kombat Cosplay is Better in Motion [Unreality]

“Scott Adams Poses as His Own Fan on Message Boards to Defend Himself.” You might call this sockpuppeting douchery, but that’s just because you’re not smart enough to understand his certified genius and complete lack of ego or emotional entanglement in his every action, which is always an example of perfect, superhuman logical prowess.  He’s a flawless, crisp, floating sphere of logic, and all of us lesser beings need to be informed.  [ComicsAlliance]

VIDEO BELOW: Well, this is adorable. [via SayOMG]

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