These ‘Thor: The Dark World’ GIFs Go Well With Anchorman Quotes

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08.13.13 5 Comments

Loki's hair

I’m never really one to question why people take one popular film or TV show and mash it up with another, because I often thoroughly enjoy the finished results and then tell my supermodel girlfriend to check it out on the computer at our beach castle. So when the clever Tumblr mind known as doodleholic decided to combine some GIFs from the upcoming Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World with the classic Will Ferrell comedy Anchorman, I said, “Sure, why not?”

And I’d say that the result is pretty great. Loki’s smugness and arrogance make it pretty easy, I suppose, as he and Ron Burgundy could somehow be related through regal Nordic bloodlines, but I’ll leave that up to Anchorman: The Legend Continues to figure out.

Thor Anchorman 1

Thor Anchorman 2

Thor Anchorman 3

Thor Anchorman 4

Thor Anchorman 5

Thor Anchorman 6

Thor Anchorman 7

Thor Anchorman 8

Thor Anchorman 9

Thor Anchorman 10

Thor Anchorman 11

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