Things Get Worse For Kid Flash In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Teen Titans’ #27

01.24.14 4 years ago

TT_Cv27_ds banner

Last issue in Teen Titans, we learned that Bart Allen was actually a fugitive from the future, Bar Torr, who’d had his memories wiped. And now we’re coming up on sentencing… and it doesn’t look good for Kid Flash.

This arc, from Scott Lobdell, Scott McDaniel, Tyler Kirkham, and Art Thibert, is actually fairly interesting because it’s pretty edgy for a mainstream comic book. Kid Flash is the son of missionaries who get murdered in the opening of the book, and leads a brutal revolution against the intergalactic government before nearly killing his sister and, thus, being dumped in the twenty-first century. It’s far more compelling than a goofy ’90s character like Impulse really deserves; let’s not forget that when Impulse was introduced, he was basically “You Kids And Your ADHD: The Superhero.”

Then again, DC’s teen books have no shortage of angst, as Solstice and Robin reveal while politicians arrive at the court in this preview. Teen Titans #27 will be on the stands next week.







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