THIS GUY To Once Again Become THIS COACH

12.01.10 7 years ago 68 Comments

Jon Gruden is said to be meeting today with the University of Miami athletic director to hammer out the details of becoming their next coach, which would be great because it would obviously get him out of the Monday Night Football booth and also make Peter King hilariously wrong yet again.

Allow to execute an preemptive strike against any elation this news may bring. If the Tony Kornheiser debacle taught us anything, it’s that tWWL will only find an announcer, if not quite as annoying overall, at least deeply obnoxious in different ways. Do you not think they will stick Matt Millen in the booth? Is your naivete a warm teddy bear blanket with years-old stains you ignore because each stain carries a memory more important than the warmth the blanket brings? They will put Millen in that booth and you/me/everyone will be powerless to stop them.

At least hopefully they’ll put Steve Young in there so the two can bandy catty comments at each other for three hours.

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