“This Is Family Business”

07.22.13 4 years ago 36 Comments

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We aren’t related by blood but we spend enough time together to form a familial bond. An extended family bonded by our work, shared visions and time spent. We learn and grow together. We go through life’s changes, be they the births of babies, marriages or career accomplishments. And we also share each others hardships.

In a lot of ways, Paola aka Infamous P aka Pauwee Fingers aka P’s one of the key reasons we’re here today. During the early years of TSS, she was one of the main ride-or-die comrades who believed in the vision and mission. Although she’s not visible on site on a daily basis, she’s still here because her fingerprints spread throughout our digital archives. She’s still the first person who I call when I have an important, wild-eyed idea that I need to transfer from my brain to a tangible design to be shared. Plus, we stay in touch because her fiancee is a close friend who I knew prior to meeting P. In so many ways, our lives are intertwined so that’s my little sister.

Last night, P’s mother, who I always called Mama Mendoza, passed away after a prolonged fight with illness. With the loss, we’re hurt and and our hearts are heavy but we’re not crying. Seeing a loved one in pain can be just as excruciating on those who watch them go through it. With that in mind, sadness takes a backseat to relief knowing she doesn’t have to suffer and that an angel finally got her wings.

To P and family, we want to send our condolences. I love you. We – not just our Crew but the TSS community as a whole – love you.

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