This Is What The PS4 Might Look Like

05.21.13 4 years ago 36 Comments

The next Xbox will be revealed to the world today! But hey, Sony also has a new console on the way, and they want you to pay attention to them dammit! Gawd!

Google “Next Xbox” or “Xbox Event” and you may notice a lot of pro-PS4 ads popping up. This is no accident. Sony has also released a new a video that teases the design of the PS4 (which was never actually shown during February’s big PS4 “unveiling”). The video shows a quick succession of zoomed in, partial images of the PS4. It’s hard to get a sense of what the whole machine looks like, but people have been carefully studying the teaser and have constructed some PS4 mock-ups.

Hit the jump for the teaser and a plausible-looking mock-up of what the PS4 might look like

Now, the big question — will Microsoft steal what little thunder Sony got from this teaser by actually unveiling their new console at today’s big console unveiling? We’ll have our answer within a couple hours!

via Kotaku & PlayStationLifeStyle here & here

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