This Never Would Have Happened to Tom Brady

02.15.11 7 years ago 48 Comments

What’s the big deal? I do the same thing at Camelot and nobody says a word.

Yesterday Dan Hellie reported that Albert Haynesworth has been accused of sexual assault after an incident at the W Hotel in Washington DC. Haynesworth immediately denied any wrongdoing through his agent, and now NBCWashington has revealed the specifics of the allegation.

According to a police report obtained by NBC Washington, the waitress stated that her hands were full carrying glasses as she was clearing the table at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

She said that “Subject 1” tried to pay his bill by giving her his credit card, but he asked if it was OK to stick the card in her blouse near her breast area. She nodded her head yes and, according to the report, she said he then placed the card into her blouse gently, sliding the card further into her left side of the blouse and then started to caress her breast.

Apparently “Subject 1” is also known as the fat guy in the 92 jersey who is laying down on the field for some reason. So where did Haynesworth go wrong in this encounter? Let’s go to the videotape.

Maybe the next time Albert is thinking about getting fresh with a waitress (allegedly) he’ll have the decency to be more attractive.

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