This Time-Traveling Celebrity Vampires Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand, Eddie Murphy Edition

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Last week I playfully mocked the lunacy taking place on eBay with slightly unhinged sellers attempting to sell Civil War era photographs that “prove” once and for all that Nic Cage and John Travolta are time-traveling vampires. Million dollar price tags, batsh*t crazy write-ups, mustaches, Face/Off jokes: the whole thing was a delight to cover. But now I’m afraid it’s gone too far.

Cajun Boy pointed out to me this morning that the Daily Beast had almost certainly charged an unpaid intern with countless hours of digging through old Civil War photos to find more celebrity lookalikes in order capitalize on the craze, if you can call it that, which you shouldn’t. A couple they dug up — like the Christian Bale one above — are kinda sorta OK but the majority — like the McConaughey one — just pit a vintage photo of some bearded dude against a photo of a celebrity that time they grew a beard. What everyone is failing to realize is that Cage and Travolta are batsh*t crazy themselves and that’s where most of the fun came from the first time around. Hell, Nic Cage was probably behind the original auction himself.

This is internet so of course things have taken another quick turn with this photo of an old-timey Eddie Murphy lookalike (or Eddie himself!) surfacing, adding more fuel to the time-traveling celebrity vampire conspiracy fire. I have to say though after a few shots of absinthe I could probably be convinced Eddie is the one true time-traveling celebrity vampire. Dude doesn’t age! And I always felt like Vampire in Brooklyn was sending a greater message.

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