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Terrible things happen in the world all the time. Life is pain, existence is suffering and then it’s over. All we ask is that the worst parts are spaced out enough so that we can brace for the next bombshell. That is not the deal this week, as disasters and depressing events are happening in rapid succession, to the point that we can’t even get done anguishing over one before the next one hits.

First, there was bombing of the Boston Marathon, an event incredibly tragic on its own, but also a reminder that danger lurks everywhere, even in seemingly innocuous events that wouldn’t be our first thought as a terrorist target. And since we’ve still yet to determine who the culprit(s) is, the entire culture is losing its mind. Mainstream journalism f*cks up all the time and still hasn’t had a worse week than this one in quite some time. I’m pretty sure CNN or the New York Post has wrongly claimed six more suspects of varying races have been arrested in the time I’ve taken to write this. And, of course, when it comes to terrorism, it’s not long before everyone’s cultural baggage comes to the fore. Conservative assholes desperately want the bomber to be a radical Muslim. Liberal assholes desperately want the bomber to be some white supremacist/tea party/gun nut dipshit. It’s disgusting no matter the side.

Then there was yesterday. Just as we’re all collectively losing our minds being misled by inept media, the Senate failed to get enough votes to overcome the Republicans’ filibuster to stop an extension of background checks for gun purchases at gun shows and for Internet purchases, which means Newtown drama will be slathered on top of the already distressing talk of the bombing, even if we have no idea if the two are related in any way. The reverberations of one tragedy get to intermingle with the raw hurt of a new one, so we get to feel the brunt of both at once. On top of that, there’s no progress on an ongoing issue so everyone gets to have the same fights they’ve been having for months. Perhaps even new ones, as liberals will be pissing and moaning for filibuster reform after the GOP blocked this measure.

We haven’t even gotten to the fact that there was a fatal explosion at a fertilizer plant in West Texas last night. Or that Chicago is underwater and has car-eating sinkholes. There are probably untold other sad and distressing things that, most other weeks, could bum the shit out of everyone, but barely register in the tidal wave of misery that is this week. JUST GIVE US A BREATHER. LET US REGROUP BEFORE REAMING US WITH MORE TRAGEDY! I’M NOT EQUIPPED TO LAYER THIS MUCH SUFFERING AT ONCE!

And what’s the one silver lining? Oh, the NFL regular season schedule comes out this evening. That’s it? Seeing the schedule is all well and good, but it’s also mostly a tease. “Here are a bunch of games you won’t get to see for at least another four and a half months!” Sorry, that’s not quite enough for me not to be tempted to go hide under the covers until next week starts, when hopefully there will be a momentary reprieve from the world falling apart.

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