“Thor 2” Is Coming to Smash Your Thanksgiving in 2013

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Right on the heels of the announcement that “Thor 2” has finally landed a director, Patty Jenkins, was the announcement that, um, they’re pushing it back to November 2013 from July.

Both are actually pretty instructive in how studios think. As you may have heard, Disney brought “The Lone Ranger” back from the dead, mostly because they managed to reduce the budget and movies starring Johnny Depp automatically get consideration. But that comes out in May, and the summer of 2013 is already pretty packed with both good stuff and total crap. So Disney is hedging its bets.

Meanwhile, Patty Jenkins is an interesting choice: she’s never done anything like this before, but neither did Kenneth Branaugh, who, although he’s not directing, will be around to help out. And she’s got an Oscar-winning film and an Emmy winning TV series under her belt, so honestly, it’s a good choice.

Now do what we all desperately want you to do, Disney, and give Grant Morrison whatever he wants to write and direct “Doctor Strange”.

[ via the Norse gods at SlashFilm ]

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