T.I. To Provide Color Commentary For Hawks/Heat Game Tonight

11.09.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

As if you needed another reason to watch a game that featured Ivan Johnson and the best player on the planet (amiright!?!?), check this. Maybe David Stern’s saying “eff it” and just going through with whatever idea an intern gives him*, but there’s added incentive to watch tonight’s Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat contest aside from the expected cast of characters on the court. T.I.’s doing color commentary for the first half. No, seriously, Clifford Harris – the purveyor of all things trap music-related – will be courtside attempting to pull his best Steve Kerr impression.

As my good buddy, Andrew Sharp, put it, “This means everyone with a League Pass account needs to watch, because this is some historical shit, and if the ratings are good enough, it could start a trend where rappers announce all the other forgettable regular season NBA games we’d otherwise ignore on Friday nights.”

Unfortunately, yours truly will miss the opportunity to hear Tip say “LeBRAWN James” or “Chris BAWSH” or “Jeff TEAGUH” in only the most eloquent, sophisiticated drawl ever as I’ll be attending Wizards/Bucks tonight. That said, maybe, just maybe, if this goes well this can be the inception of something amazing.

Drake filling in announcing duties for Raptors games. Chief Keef for Bulls games.* Meek Mill for Sixers games (you could put the TV on mute and still hear Meek’s analysis). Birdman for Hornets games. Scarface for Rockets games. Or – wait for it – Cam’ron for Knicks games! I’m going into music/sports overload just thinking of the possibilities.


* – Or maybe the Hawks are trying to do whatever they can to generate interest in a decent basketball team located in a city that has more than its fair share of “distractions.” Maybe both.

** – Lil Reese possibly handling sideline reporting duties? Yep!

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