“A Drug Dealer To The Heart, But I’ma Pimp By Nature…”

04.06.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

Ask someone to name their favorite T.I. project and chances are the answer ranges from I’m Serious to Trap Muzik to King or Urban Legend.* Either those or his line-in-the-sand mixtape with DJ Drama, Down With The King. Rarely though, some fine soul will pay homage to his In Da Streets mixtape series.

During the days when Tip’s wardrobe consisted of white tees and Atlanta fitteds cocked off the side of his head, he and P$C’s musical content was about as vulgar and street-oriented as you’d find resonating from the South at this point. Take “Remember When” for example. A TV-MA song from his catalog if there ever was one, Tip cut no corners in describing how he treated the majority of women he came in contact with. In his words, “It’s a whole gang of hoes in Atlanta still think I love them.”

Going out on a limb, this song likely doesn’t get much play around the Harris household anymore. Nor would playing this in the car taking grandma to church on Sunday morning be a bright idea. Still, for the rare Hip-Hop fan knowing how to separate the lines of art, entertainment and reality, go on and turn the volume up on “Remember When” for old times sake.

T.I. – “Remember How”

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* – Paper Trail was damn good, too. But yeah, there’s only a handful of artists whose first four albums will ever compare to the quality and success of Tip’s run from I’m Serious to King.

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