Tiger Woods’ Big Announcement…

07.11.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

…Turned out to be absolutely nothing at all.

The much hyped conference was just a statement saying that Tiger and his agent Mark Steinberg would be taking their talents to Excel Sports Management, current home to A-list names like Derek “3-Stacks” Jeter and Blake Griffin. Woop-dee-fricking-do.

None of this makes a sh*t of difference if buddy isn’t putting more trophies on the mantle. The least he could have done was spice it up a bit by giving a charity some unreal sum of money to continue to spruce up his public image. Pardon me for expecting something groundbreaking like an announcement that Tiger was going to take the rest of 2011 off to rehab his mangled leg or that Gillette had decided to re-endorse him up so he can finally start shaving again.


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