Tim Berg – “Bromance (Aviciis Arena Mix)” Video

05.20.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

It baffles me how closed-knit the music industry can be for us here in the States. How does Avicii’s music video for the remix to his alter-ego’s single “Bromance,” have seven million YouTube plays and Top 20 status in multiple countries, yet I didn’t even know about either incarnation of this Swedish hitmaker – as an artist, in general – until last week? Aside from his music being crack, this video – if you can even call it that – is so far above the norm it would make Dire Straits proud.

Essentially a short film fit lengthwise for the Swede’s specific single, this perfectly laid-out visual finds a highly-sedated individual awaking in the middle of a field, just as he realizes he’s running late for an extremely important event. All the while, the back-story of the night before weaves in and out, providing insight into this gent’s headache and leading up to a punchline-ending that will leave you throwing your arms up in surprise at the completely off-guard twist.

Aside from actually finding this gem in the first place, the best part is that the video is so good it stands alone, whether you like the song or not.

Shout out Totoro for the heads up.

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