#TIMETitles: Twitter Roasts ‘TIME Magazine’ For Doing An Entire Article On The Word “Bae”

07.23.14 3 years ago 41 Comments

Time magazine


Say word. Some people have yet to figure out that bae = babe = baby = term of endearment.

Luckily, TIME Magazine is here to keep those losers fresh, young, cool and hip because the publication went ahead and did an ENTIRE article explaining what bae meant and how to properly use it in a sentence.

Blame Pharrell.

On Wednesday, Pharrell dropped a video for his new single, “Come Get It Bae,” which may immediately raise some questions, such as “Come get what?” and “What in the world does bae mean, anyway?”

The short answer: Though this word was used in the 1500s to refer to sheep sounds, today bae is used as a term of endearment, often referring to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or perhaps a prospect who might one day hold such a lofty position.

Say, for instance, you post a picture of you on a yacht with Beyonce and you just so happen to be Jay-Z. You might give that photo a caption like, “Just another Tuesday with my bae. #surfbort”

Ugh, nobody even says “surfbort” anymore. Typical.

Naturally, Twitter got ahold of the absurd ass article and #TIMETitles was magically born.





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