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Curvy J

Tina Fey Lands First Job After ’30 Rock’ [Huff Post]

LOLNFL: Wildcard Weekend [KSK]

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Facebook Reunites Sisters After 72 Years Apart [AOL]

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Fat Boys Prince Markie Dee: “I’ve Lost 175 LBs” [The Urban Daily]

John Wall Signs With Adidas Basketball [CounterKicks]

The Truth About Reebok Basketball’s Future Plans [Complex]

100 Worst Pickup Lines All Used One After Another [Peeperz]

7 Types Of Foods You Should Avoid Before Sex [101.1 The Wiz]

Shaquille O’Neal Is Back In The Video Game Biz [Basketball Jones]

Chicago Organization Uses Ex-Gang Members, Convicts To ‘Interrupt’ Violence [News One]

How $100 Million Dollars Really Gets Donated, Mark Zuckerberg Style [Fast Company]

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