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02.13.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

J.J. Watt had lunch with Yao Ming and the two posed for a photo that Watt shared on Twitter. People were shocked by the disparity in size because apparently some think all sports people are equally gigantic. Someone looks small compared to a guy who’s listed at 7’6″? WEIRD!

— The Jags quarterback coach said that Blaine Gabbert would be the highest graded quarterback in this year’s draft class. That people didn’t immediately laugh at them in unison means you don’t want your team drafting any QBs this year.

— Rams punter Johnny Hekker will draw pictures for you if you ask him on Twitter. Punters, so zany! If someone gets Hekker to draw a picture of him booting Roger Goodell in the face, I’ll PayPal you $20.

— What the hell: A college kid’s stupid college kid rant against hip-hop in the Florida student newspaper. The lede: “I watched the Grammys Sunday — not that anyone cares.” Say what you want, the kid has a future in writing the Jay Cutler character.

— Thankfully, the Cowboys want to give Tony Romo a contract extension. Oh goodie goodie goodie, no end to the Romobyl in sight. Best news I’ve heard all day.

— The guy who took a dive against Ray Edwards in a boxing match in North Dakota has been suspended indefinitely. That’s okay, I’m sure there are a handful of WRASSLIN’ circuits operating out of VFW halls he can get involved with.

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