Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger’s place in Roll Tide history

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Roll Tide Universe


– London, 2 AM. A shadowy figure pulls a young prostitute into a darkened doorway. He whispers into her ear, “Roll Tide” as he runs a knife across her throat then lets her lifeless body slip to the ground with muffled thud.

– Bradley hasn’t slept in nearly two years, his eyes glued to dual monitors tracking the markets as he juggles multiple investment accounts for his employers, himself and thousands of brokerages. A bump, a sip of Red Bull and then a twitch. Has he found a new end-around SEC monitoring? They cannot possibly see phantom trades of repackaged high-risk loans, most already in default, if they don’t know they exist. Almost as if in prayer, a quiet “Roll Tide” leaves his lips and in two keystrokes the world economy collapses.

– “Sir, Cambodia?” “Roll Tide.” “Yes, sir. Right way, sir.”

– “He had a copy of The Catcher in the Rye on him at the time of the murder.” “Hand me the book, detective.” The NYPD captain opens the cover. ‘ROLL TIDE’ had been scrawled across the title in blood.

– “Consider this your healthy alternative to a hamburger. You’ll never miss the fat. Mix in some seasoning, add some veggies and your family will never know the difference.” “Mr. Butterball, I’m not sure we can sell a turkey burger.” “Roll Tide.”

– “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” “Roll Tide.”

– Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger walks into a Nashville bar. A stranger walks up to him and sucker punches him after crying, “Roll Tide!”

– 2057, when it falls to a small crew of scientists to reignite the sun, they are nearly foiled by the ghost of a failed captain who had gone before them. “Roll Tide” the monitor reads as the team was systematically picked off one by one.

– The last living tree on the planet dies in 2178, ‘Roll Tide’ cut into its trunk with a pen knife in 2177.

– Weyland-Yutani Corporation sends a ship to recover a lost mining colony LV-426. Bishop’s last programming instruction before leaving Earth, “10 ROLL TIDE. 20 GO TO 10.”

– Trillions of years from now when the last of the stars falls and the entire universe plunges into darkness, all living things finally must ask their maker, “Why? Why are you letting us die so cold and alone? Haven’t we done everything you asked of us? Questioned, explored and learned just so we could get closer to you?”

And the darkness responds with a last gasp, “Roll Tide.”

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