Tom Brady Already Selling His Crazy Moat Dreamhouse

03.19.14 4 years ago 34 Comments


Dreamboat’s dreamhouse, a 22,000-square foot mansion that took four years and $20 million to construct, was completed just a little over a year ago. It’s so impressive that it was featured in a cover spread last fall for Architectural Digest. But apparently Tom Brady doesn’t like the way his face reflected in the moat, because he and Gisele are already reportedly selling the place, according to TMZ.

Our real estate sources tell us … the couple wants out of L.A. permanently and will be living full- time in Boston, where they’re building another ridiculously big estate — a 14,300 square-foot house on 5 acres. The estate is listed for a cool $50 MILLION!!!

Just another crazy tale of the whirlwind, bi-coastal lifestyle of Tom Brady. Not that Los Angeles is by any means perfect, but it seems silly to replace to a palatial estate on the ocean in L.A. with one in Boston. But who knows, Brady and Gisele could just have a thing for bad weather and miserable people.

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