Tom Brady Got All Screamy About Winning $25,000 At The Kentucky Derby

05.06.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Tom Brady has attended the Kentucky Derby a number of times, possibly because it’s a fine event to attend if you’re rich and have a penchant for dressing ridiculously — two things he excels at. But it wasn’t until this year that Dreamboat won significant money betting on the winning horse at the Derby. I think we can all agree this is a feel-good story for a long downtrodden individual who needed something to go right in his life.

According to CSNNE, Brady is hugging Ogden Phipps II, the son of Dinny Phipps — the co-owner of Orb. And Brady is so pleased because, writes the Boston Herald, Brady put $4,700 on Orb. That would have netted him about $25,000.

$25,000 is significantly less than Tom Brady makes per game, but whatever. Sometimes it’s just good to win and scream you’re in the crowd at a One Direction concert. I also assume he makes this noise when spotting skinny jeans he likes.

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