Is Tom Brady No Longer The Fairest Of Them All?

05.13.14 3 years ago 102 Comments


The Patriots selected quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with the 62nd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, presumably as the heir apparent to Tom Brady after the last heir apparent, Ryan Mallett, fell out of favor with the team. Most people assume Brady still has a few years left of high-level play left before being sent out to the pasture behind whatever mansion he happens to own at the time.

While the time for Brady to retire may still be a few seasons off, an even more important passing of the torch appears to have already occurred. That’s right – Tom Brady is no longer the most handsome player – even on his own team.

The folks at Outsports conducted a poll of who’s the most handsome of the Patriots QB and OH NO:


2,500 people may not exactly be a sample size large enough to satisfy a statistician, and it’s embedded in a post in which the writer states that Garoppolo is better looking, which might skew results a bit. But let’s be honest: just one person who thinks there’s superior handsomeness to Tom Brady is a travesty to Dreamboat. Sorry, Tommy, you’ve been replaced.

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